9.00 Opening remarks

Session One--Chair: Ulrike Gruneberg

9.05-9.25         Bram Prevo. University of Edinburgh. Desai/Earnshaw Labs. Kinetochore dynein orients chromosomes for segregation 

9.25-9.45         Joe Atherton. King’s College London. The structural mechanisms behind kinesin binding protein's discriminatory kinesin member inhibition

9.45-10.05       Vladimir Volkov. Delft University of Technology. Dogterom Lab.

Harnessing the microtubule-generated force through multivalent disordered sequences 

10.05-10.25     Evelyn Smith. University of Sheffield. Twelvetrees Lab. A new assay to study kinesin-1 activation 

10.25-10.45     Amadeus Xu. Francis Crick Institute. Way Lab. Reconstituting microtubule-based motility of Vaccinia virus invitro

10.45-11.20     Coffee break

Session Two--Chair: Hiro Okhura

11.20-11.40     Ondrej Kucera. CEA Grenoble. Blanchoin/Thery Labs. Actin-assisted microtubule guidance is governed by anisotropy of actin architecture 

11.40-12.00     Isabel Palacios. Queen Mary University of London. Optical flow analysis reveals that Kinesin-mediated advection impacts on the orientation of microtubules in the Drosophila oocyte 

12.00-12.20     Harinath Doodhi. University of Dundee. Tanaka Lab. In vitro reconstitution of kinetochore–microtubule interface reveals a fundamental error correction mechanism 

12.20-12.40     Andrew Carter. MRC-LMB. A survey of the neuronal cytoskeleton by cryo-electron tomography

12.45-13.30     Lunch


13.30-14.30     Posters


Session Three--Chair: Dhanya Cheermabathur

14.40-15.00     Susana Godinho. Bart’s Cancer Institute, QMUL. Microtubule motors imbalance drives organelle displacement in cells with extra centrosomes 

15.00-15.20     Thomas Tischer. MRC LMB. Barford Lab. Negative feedback between the APC/C and Cep152 at the centrosome regulates mitotic spindle assembly

15.20-15.40     Gurusaran Manickam. University of Newcastle. Davies Lab. Feel the force! How the LINC complex links and mechanically transduces forces between the cytoplasm and the nucleus. 

15.40-15.50     Comfort break


Session Four--Chair: Anthony Roberts

15.50-16.10     David Salvador-Garcia. MRC-LMB. Bullock Lab. Insights from a new mutation in Drosophila dynein that selectively affects embryonic mitosis 

16.10-16.30     Ines Hahn. University of Manchester. Coordination of microtubule dynamics by GSK3b during axonal growth and maintenance 

16.30-16.50     Erithelgi Bertsoulaki. University of Liverpool. Clague Lab. USP31- bridging two cellular codes


16.50 Closing remarks

17.00 Walk to Teviot Hall

18.30 Dinner