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The Microtubule Meetings UK have become a regular event for our community. We are now preparing the sixth Microtubule Meeting UK in Edinburgh, Monday May 10th, 2021.

We had to postpone the meeting due to Covid19 and the organizers having childcare duties. All the payments of registration will be carried to next year and the meeting next year will be free. If we cannot meet next year, we will aim for a virtual meeting.  

The idea is to have an annual one-day event to hear about the latest work from labs working in the UK with an interest in microtubules. We also welcome participants sharing our passion for the topic from other countries too. The emphasis will be on early career speakers (PhD, Post-doc and Junior PIs) and on networking between scientists with a common interest. There will be time for poster presentation and this year, due to popular demand, there is an evening dinner at Teviot Hall (and quiz!).

The topic is any cell biological aspect of microtubule function: cell division, transport, motility, structure, modelling. It is your meeting and the direction will be decided by the labs that participate.

The format of the meeting follows other successful one-day meetings supported by the British Society for Cell Biology, e.g. London Membrane Traffic Meeting and Bristol Actin Meeting. These are the go-to events in the UK and they work so well because they are 1) focussed, 2) cheap to attend and 3) take up minimal time.

Registration will be minimal again for this meeting again, including lunch and coffee breaks and dinner. We can keep the costs low thanks to financial support from our generous sponsors. After the 28th February, the price will increase, so sign up before! 

To join the BSCB, please click here. If you can't find your number, email bscb@hg3.co.uk.

The meeting is organised by Julie Welburn (Edinburgh), Andrew Carter (Cambridge) and Steve Royle (Warwick). As Steve is stepping down, Mark Dodding (Bristol) is joining us on the committee. Please contact us with any questions.

We look forwards to a stimulating meeting where the british community working on microtubules gets together again. We would like to point out our sister BSCB-UK Cilia meeting is also in Edinburgh on the 11th May 2021. If you would like to attend, please follow this link. Lots of opportunities to present and get feedback on your work with these back to back meetings. 

We specially thank generous sponsors who help us set up this meeting.



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